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FCS-5000XLT Force Calibration System

5,000-lbf (25KN) Force Calibration System

FCS-5000XLT Force Calibration SystemApply accurate, repeatable, and stable calibration loads with Norton Global Manual Load Frames. Each frame is manufactured to meet rigorous standards for precision and quality.

The FCS-5000XLT Force Calibration System is an ideal choice for in house calibrations and quality checks of load cells and force gages. This system is suitable for ASTM E74 Class A calibrations. Choose from the standard FCS-5000XLT options or request a customized system to be engineered to meet specialized requirements.

Key features:

  •  Simple and fast setup
  •  Accurate, repeatable, stable forces
  •  Portable and lightweight
  •  No tools required
  •  Tension and compression
  •  Calibrate any load cell or force gage
  •  Self-aligning

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 Selection Guide

The FCS-5000XLT is an excellent choice when a lab already owns a reference standard and readout but wants a new, manual, system for applying stable and repeatable loads.


 System Options

  • 1. Mating with EN or SI Reference Standards
  • 2. Optimized calibration at ±1,000-lbs or ±3,000-lbs

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