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Force Calibration Systems, Load Frames, Fixtures

Calibration Systems

force-calibration-system-02Calibration labs worldwide choose Norton Global Force Calibration Systems to calibrate their load cells and force gages. Each system is engineered to meet rigorous standards for precision and quality. Choose from the FVS-5000XLT for in house quality checks of load cells and force gages or the FCS-5000XLT for Class A calibrations per ASTM E74.

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Load Frames

Force Gage and Load Cell Calibration FramePrecision load frames for applying accurate, repeatable, and stable calibration loads. Choose from the standard PMLD-5000XLT options or request a customized system to be engineered to meet specialized requirements.

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 Plug and Play Adapters

 Plug and Play Load Cell and Force Gage Adapters

Connect to any load cell or force gage with the precision plug and play adapters. These adapters can also be used on other load frame systems such as MTS and Instron.

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 Engineering Services

Innovative solutions engineered to meet specialized requirements.

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  •  Design
  •  Structural Analysis
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  •  Fabrication
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